Short History of No 10 District L.O.L

Since the opening of the Orange Hall in 1887, Loyal Union L.O.L No. 985 met within in whilst retaining their membership of No. 5 District L.O.L in Sandy Row. In the year of 1888 Loyal Union was joined by Victoria Temperance L.O.L No. 1541. The first mention of forming a new district is recorded in the minutes (17th May 1890) of Loyal Union, where they instructed Messr. Johnston, Matier and Lynas to attend No. 5 District in order to secure their blessing for the new venture. After some lenghty discussion in No. 5 permission was granted in December of the same year and both lodges formally made an application to form No 10 District within the Ballynafeigh area.

The District Lodge formally came into being in April 1896, at which stage the two existing lodges where joined by Ballynafeigh Guiding Star L.O.L 597, St. Judes Church Defenders L.O.L 818, L.O.L 1946. The following month seen the transfer of Deramore Purple Star L.O.L No. 819 to No. 10 District.